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If your website domain does not specify your location and your business description, they will rarely find you! Weak domain names are proven to rank lower in search pages. This is nothing new, and is the very reason tens of thousands of local businesses use exact search term (EST) domains to help rank on first page of search results.You can redirect them to your main site, (easy and free), put up a 'feeder" site with enough content to be indexed by search engines allowing it to gain rank independent of the main site, or even replace your weaker domain with the exact search term domain. Now you can pay a search engine to put you on first page but average per click cost is $14. This is not only costly, it requires technical input to get results, and you display on a list with competitors. Pay per click is subject to fraud, further increasing your costs. Paid key word searches are offered as well, but without being clicked on, money wasted! Another well known fact is that searchers click on unpaid search results 10X more than paid results which they consider to be just ads.

Take aways from this page.

SEARCH ENGINES give display preference to websites that reflect the searcher's inquiry.

ALL THINGS EQUAL, exact search term domains gain rank higher and faster than branded names.

AUTHORITY IN THE MARKETPLACE exact search term domains rule! (Businesses in south Florida brag about their website rankings in their radio spots) Also note that all major brands are .com

EST DOMAIN NAMES receive direct navigation traffic -The best traffic for user intent to purchase.

FIRST PAGE Experience shows that few searchers look beyond the first page of search results.

MOBILE Smartphones are the new yellow pages. EST domains will benefit big time from the move to voice -"get me yuma roofing" Easily understood exact search domains are best by far for smaller screen devices. And this is where local search is heading.... no doubt about it!

HUGE CHANGES are happening now with many more on the way. Search providers are working overtime to capture the expanding and highly lucrative market for local search. We think regulation is coming that will require search providers to clearly identify paid from unpaid results. This will result in "click gain" for higher ranking EST websites. A substantial benefit.

We have studied search on the internet for years, and offer this final advice. "The absolute best strategy is to lease or buy the .com version of your EST domain". Without it you are essentially a sitting duck - vulnerable to punishing search/social costs, but most of all totally unprepared to defend against a major competitor who grabs your exact search term and ranks it high in search!